Cuba Dupa
Cuba Dupa 2017

Wellington’s vibrant street festival celebrating the epic creative spirit of Cuba Street and the Wellington community


CubaDupa Whakatau Opening

Opening Event
An opening or whakatau to clear the path, set the scene for Wellington’s award winning festival. Experience taonga puoro, mau rakau (Maori Martial Art), cultural performances and live music with the chance of participating in the official CubaDupa song performed by a collective of Wellington musicians and performers led by Noel Woods (Grove Roots) featuring Sianne, TUMA, Alistair Fraser, Pacifiesta, Amba Holly, Neha Gate plus much more.

We welcome both artists and the audience to join us for the first event of CubaDupa 2017! Les Grooms (France), and Wellington Community Choir, and Whitireia Performing Arts – in two parades move from Abel Smith and Dixon Streets to culminate at Wellington Airport Swan Dancehall for the Whakatau.

We welcome everyone to learn our commissioned CubaDupa action song to create a kapa haka opening welcome that will live on in future CubaDupa events. Visit our Youtube link below to learn the moves to the waiata.

Saturday 12:00 pm – Wellington International Airport Swan Stage Whakatau Grand Opening


Wellington Chocolate Factory

We will be offering special drink and free 10 min tours during the Saturday every hour. Come and also try our Virtual Reality Chocolate Tour!


Wellington Community Choir

Come and Sing Workshop
Come and Sing with the Wellington Community Choir
Join with us at CUBA MALL and sing alongside us as we lead you through some easy and uplifting songs celebrating Wellington and the spirit of CubaDupa.
Led by Julian Raphael, director of the Wellington Community Choir and Community Music Junction.
Saturday 12:00 pm – Cuba St Upper Whakatau
Saturday 1:00 pm – Cuba Mall Come and Sing with the Wellington Community Choir


San Fran Folk & Country Lounge Presents

The Gracious Deviants

Folk Pop
The Gracious Deviants are Pete Edge and Darrel Greaney: two old friends with a passion for great acoustic folk/pop songs in two-part harmony.
They have played in and around Wellington for over 10 years, crafting a sizeable repertoire of songs about love in all of its wonderful and terrible forms.
The Gracious Deviants: Two voices, two guitars, one highly creative collaboration, and four times the awesome. You do the maths!
Saturday 4:00 pm – San Fran Folk & Country Lounge The Gracious Deviants


The Wellington Chocolate Factory VR Experience

Virtual Reality
The Wellington Company has always had an inspired vision for Wellington – a vibrant city, with pulsating laneways and wonderful inner-city life. Hannah’s Courtyard, a complex of fantastic apartments, businesses and hospitality shows the power of the vision. Now they want to tell the story of the Wellington Chocolate Factory – sharing Hannah’s Courtyard, and how they turned their vision into reality.


More FM Kids Zone

Family Activity
The More FM Kids Zone will be better than ever this year with everything from a Nerf Gun shooting range, free bubble blowing, Beyblade battles, and some delicious morsels for the young at heart.
We will also be taking photos on the day so make sure you come and join us. We would love to see you at Wellington’s Iconic CubaDupa festival for another amazing year in the capital.
Saturday 12:30 pm – Cuba St Upper More FM Kids Zone
Sunday 12:00 pm – Cuba St Upper More FM kids zone


Dave Geigle Yo-Yo Champion

Yo-Yo Demonstration
“More than just up and down!” This is how you could describe the artistic performance of Dave Geigle. For nearly two decades this young Berliner has been yoyoing around – so successfully that he has been European Champion five times! With tricks like “Around the world”, “Eifel Tower” and “Rock the Baby” as well as performing with two yoyos simultaneously, Dave Geigle amazes audiences with his cool show. Come and have a look and then give it a go yourself under Dave Geigle’s expert guidance!

In cooperation with the Goethe-Institut

Saturday 1:30 pm – Urban Garden Leeds St Dave Geigle Yo-Yo Champion
Saturday 2:45 pm – Urban Garden Leeds St Dave Geigle Yo-Yo Champion
Sunday 1:15 pm – Cuba St Upper Dave Geigle Yo-Yo Champion
Sunday 2:00 pm – Urban Garden Leeds St Dave Geigle Yo-Yo Champion
Sunday 4:00 pm – Urban Garden Leeds St Dave Geigle Yo-Yo Champion


Art Explore

Visual Arts
Walking tours of local Art Dealer Galleries. Over CubaDupa this is your chance to experience these Art Walks for free. Stunning leading edge visual arts. Emerging, mid-career and established artists. Ever changing exhibitions. The best way to see art with others and an expert guide; Mary Jane Duffy
Meet 11am Saturday Toi Poneke 69 Abel Smith St


Capital E presents


Childrens Activity
with Capital E, for all ages
Is it a dinosaur, a spaceship, a chandelier, a cloud? Come and bring BLOOM to life!
Consisting of thousands of identical pink pieces, children and big kids alike can connect, construct and deconstruct 3D installations with no boundaries or rules. Grow an alien garden and cultivate surreal landscapes that are truly one of a kind – only your imagination is the limit.
BLOOM is part of Capital E’s National Arts Festival for children and young people. From 13-25 March there are performances across the city taking place, from dance to music to outdoor performance. Visit for more information.
Saturday 12:45 pm – Urban Garden Leeds St Capital E presents
Sunday 12:00 pm – Urban Garden Leeds St Capital E & Bloom


DANZ Dance Programme

Ceroc Dance NZ

Ceroc® Dance is a social partner dance generally done to chart toppers and old favourites. It is a partner dance that you can dance just about anywhere!
Ceroc® Dance classes are fun, a great way to keep fit and to meet people. It can be danced by first-time dancers with “two left feet” and yet can be danced by accomplished dancers. You can walk into any Ceroc class and have you dancing out!
Saturday 1:15 pm – Wellington International Airport Swan Stage DANZ dance programme presents


DANZ Dance Programme

Cotton Daisy Backstep

Square Dance
Cotton Daisy Backstep play the old ‘hillbilly’ music of the Appalachian Mountains of America. Their square dances hark back to the days of the pioneers, shotgun totin’ farmers and moonshiners. On banjo, guitar, bass and fiddle, they bring you that tub-thumping goodness no book-learning can give; the very roots of Americana. Dances are taught and no experience or partner needed. Prizes for the best male and female old-time attire.
Saturday 3:15 pm – Wellington International Airport Swan Stage DANZ dance programme presents


DANZ Dance Programme

Le Dance with Sacha Copland

Le Dance perform pop-up dances for events all over town and love to get the city grooving. The group brings together some of Wellington’s diverse dance community to celebrate dancing for the sheer joy of it.

Le Dance sprung from Le Grand Continental’s group of volunteer dancers for the opening of the 2016 NZ Festival.

Sacha Copland is the artistic director of Wellington’s Java Dance Theatre. She brings immersive dance to the heart of the city.

Sunday 1:35 pm – Wellington International Airport Swan Stage DANZ dance programme presents


DANZ Dance Programme

Lala and Marimba Mojo

African Dance
Tamba! (‘To play around and have fun’)
Wellington’s African music performers and community musicians will combine to present a participatory singing and dancing party where everyone is invited to join in the music and dance. The music will feature groovy and hypnotic sounds from Zimbabwe and Madagascar played on African marimbas by Marimba Mojo. Lala Simpson’s effervescent personality and remarkable dance teaching skills will have everyone moving together in authentic fashion. High energy song and dance fun for all the family!
Sunday 12:40 pm – Wellington International Airport Swan Stage DANZ dance programme presents


DANZ Dance Programme

Namnita Kumar Bollywood

Spice up your dance moves Bollywood style. Come learn some new moves to modern upbeat music with Namnita Kumar, a fun have a go workshop for all ages and abilities.
Sunday 12:05 pm – Wellington International Airport Swan Stage DANZ dance programme presents


DANZ Dance Programme

Projekt Team

NZ’s leading all style street dance collective PROJEKT TEAM will be teaming up with some local talent in a showcase battle where you are the judge. Projekt Team are heavily involved in the freestyle battle scene and have had winners in the last 6 major NZ events including Summer Showdown in Raglan, Ultimate All Style Champs in Hamilton and SDNZ Nationals in Auckland. Don’t miss these crazy champions in action!
Saturday 2:20 pm – Wellington International Airport Swan Stage DANZ dance programme presents


Shabby Salon

Street Hairdressing
Enter through the floral curtain fronted Shabby Salon into a world often missed by the average Cuba St pedestrian. Where plastic bouquets, glittery objects and cast aside toys finally find their place in the world. The stylists of the Shabby Salon, at the top of their game, transform average Wellington hairstyles into wonderlands of colour and mayhem in an exuberant performance of pandemonium.
Saturday 1:00 pm – Booth House Shabby Salon
Sunday 1:00 pm – Booth House Shabby Salon


Urban Garden and Creative Workshops presented by


Creative Installation & Workshops
Welcome to our weekend transformation of an inner city car park into an Urban Garden Paradise with fabulous blooms, pallet seating and a playable junk orchestra! Using home grown, low impact and reusable resources, help us grow the Urban Garden with workshops for the young and not so young. Butterflies and Blooms: Create large butterflies from homegrown willow and tissue, or small flowers/ blooms from reused foam to enhance the Urban Garden ambiance, or take home as a memento.
Junk Instruments: make paint bucket drums, and horns to blow, from reused materials with simple construction.
Make, play and create, or just relax and enjoy the family atmosphere in an oasis amongst the street festivities.
Saturday 12:30 pm – Urban Garden Leeds St Butterflies and Blooms workshop
Saturday 2:30 pm – Urban Garden Leeds St REACT presents
Saturday 3:30 pm – Roaming Big Girls
Sunday 12:00 pm – Urban Garden Leeds St Capital E & Bloom
Sunday 1:30 pm – Urban Garden Leeds St Capital E & Bloom
Sunday 3:00 pm – Roaming Big Girls


Big Girl's do the CubaDupa presented by


Street Theatre
The Big Girl’s will be taking to the streets of CubaDupa in a dancing parade. Come and join them for a ‘larger than life’ party. Big Girl’s are giant puppet representatives made with and by women of diverse nationalites who call Aotearoa New Zealand home. They’re about making a space on the streets for all, in celebration of our cultural diversity.
Saturday 3:30 pm – Roaming Big Girls
Sunday 3:00 pm – Roaming Big Girls


Splendid Teapot Racing and Tea Duelling presented by

Capital! Steampunk

Street Theatre
Take a radio-controlled vehicle, remove the body, attach a teapot, decorate to taste and race through an obstacle course against the clock. Plus the Wellington-invented variation, premiered at CubaDupa 2016: Teapot Sheepdog Trials. Tea duelling is a very civilised way of settling disputes with tea and biscuits. And very little blood.
Saturday 1:40 pm – Cuba Mall Steampunk Parade
Saturday 2:00 pm – Dixon St East Splendid Teapot racing
Sunday 1:00 pm – Cuba Mall Tea Dueling


Bucket Fountain Babe

Street Theatre
Catherine Badwind is back for bucket loads of rubber duck fun and games at The Bucket Fountain! Great fun for all ages, especially kids (or children at heart). Come join Badwind for her annual bucket fountain challenge. Will you be crowned King or Queen of The Bucket Fountain?
Saturday 2:30 pm – Cuba Mall Bucket Fountain Babe
Sunday 2:30 pm – Cuba Mall Bucket Fountain Babe


Carnival Bloco

All of New Zealand
Street Music and Dance
Carnival Bloco brings the vibrant rhythms of 150 Samba drummers and dancers from around NZ and Australia to CubaDupa. Coming together are AKSamba (Auckland), Sambatron (Hamilton), Tauranga Samba, Samba de Sol (Nelson), Bay Batucada (Hawkes Bay), Wellington Batucada. Dress up, get your dancing shoes on and get ready to be involved cos you’re gonna want to shake yer booty! You’ll find them on stage, on the streets, and jamming in Te Aro Park on both days – and on Sunday they’ll be joining forces for a great big Carnival Finale to close the festival.
Sunday 2:50 pm – Cuba St Upper Carnival Bloco
Sunday 2:55 pm – Te Aro Park Carnival Bloco
Sunday 3:15 pm – Wellington International Airport Swan Stage Carnival Bloco Finale