Minimalist Jazzercise Rock
HUMMUCIDE is a four-piece minimalist-rock-jazz group born out of the thriving music scene in Te Aro, Wellington. Influenced equally by the American jazz tradition and the British jazz resurgence, they draw their inspiration from whatever catches their ear. With a huge live sound incorporating raging synths and soaring saxophone melodies, their gigs are not to be missed. The band comprises of Toby Leman on saxophone (Revulva, General Vibe), Ben Stewart on keyboard and synths (Sky Canvas, Dr. Reknaw), Lennox Grootjans on drums (Dr. Reknaw, Skud & Serebii) and Hugo Olsen-Smith on bass (O and the Mo, Revulva). They all started out at the prestigious Te Kōkī NZSM, before traveling their own musical roads and coming back together to form the HUMMUCIDE sound.


Hotel Bristol Eyegum Stage