Imugi 이무기

Hip-Hop Synth Pop
With a string of gritty and soulful releases, unflinching festival performances, and packed to the rafters headline shows, fast-rising silky electronic duo IMUGI 이무기 have changed the game in the Auckland R&B/electronic music scene! Their EPs ‘Vacasian’ and ‘Dragonfruit’ are a trip through the diasporic-Asian-girl-psyche and the healing it takes to go from self-consciousness to self-awareness. With roots in South Korea and Aotearoa (New Zealand), IMUGI 이무기 explores the multi-faceted, wholesome identities and complex issues that migrant women of colour face, through a mix of styles including R&B, synth-pop, funk and spoken word. Thank you to the Asia New Zealand Foundation for supporting this show.


Massey Creative Distraction Stage