Manaia Toa

Hardcore Jungle
Born out of warehouse and underground raves in early 90s Wellington New Zealand, Manaia Toa began crude hardcore music production in 1994 with an Akai S-01, guitar distortion pedals and 4 track cassette mixer, releasing multiple tapes of doom laden Jungle and Hip Hop under various monikers throughout the 90's. Co-founded HEADWOUND RECORDINGZ in early 1998 and released various CDrs of similarly unrefined doom dance. Founded MOMENTUM collective in 2015 with intent of unifying the outlying Jungle dj’s of Aotearoa and re-introducing the sound to a new audience. Multiple Sound Clashes and events followed at MOON, The Grand, Whammy Backroom, The Birdcage and of course Renegade Bass Stage at Newtown Festival over the previous four years. Re-booted Headwound Recordingz in 2018 with 2 x new vinyl releases to some acclaim in UK and Europe.


Heyday Renegade Bass Stage