Molly & The Chromatics

Molly & The Chromatics have established themselves as an exciting, dynamic and enchanting live act. The passion they bring to their performances is electric and the energy is contagious. Since kicking off in the Auckland scene in 2016, the band has developed their sound following extensive NZ tours and their successful ‘Straight Lines’ and ‘Polymorphic’ EP’s releases. Molly & The Chromatics have been concentrating on writing again and are now on the verge of releasing their debut album. Focusing in on their dance and groove influences over the last two years, the band’s sound has become clearer than ever before. ‘Hold Tight’, a Jungle and Tom Misch inspired dance banger, showcases the band’s group vocal and groove-based rhythm section, while ‘Goddess’ is a tribute to the inner beauty of all women delivered by the band’s strong and talented frontwoman. Molly herself has grown into an inspiring and polished performer who now more than ever understands her platform as a musician, and a stronger overall performance and sound has evolved in tune with the rest of the band. Think Jungle, Tom Misch, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Moonchild, Little Dragon and Erykah Badu as inspiration for the band’s new and totally immersive sound.