Nu-Jazz Nu-Wave Nu-Pop
Re: Vulva, As per our last email, Revulva is here to bring huge grins to your knees on the d-floor. Nu-wave, nu-jazz, nu-pop goodness brought to you by chefs Phoebe Johnson (Ski Resort), Lily Rose Shaw (Odessa), Hector McLachlan (Forest Music), Zane Hawkins (Sky Canvas), Toby Leman (Hummucide), Hugo Olsen-Smith (Hummucide), Hayden Richardson (Dr. Reknaw) and Olivia Campion (Yumi Zouma). This 8-piece groovy family are have been boogying together since July 2020, and since then have kicked up a storm by opening for Cloak Bay at the Tora Bombora sound check show, touring the top of the South Island for Twisted Frequency Festival, and gearing up for their first single release in late February 2021. If you haven’t already, we recommend checking out our music video “Boing Flip on the Boat” recorded on the Sea Lion Vessel in Wellington’s Harbour late last year. We look forward to hearing back from you. Lots of love, Revulva x