Munu | Vanessa Crofskey

Visual art
Lighting up the darker spots of Left Bank this CubaDupa is Munu, a series of collages celebrating East and Southeast Asian mother-daughter relationships by artist Vanessa Crofskey. The work has been commissioned by Satellites and is presented by CubaDupa with assistance from the Asian New Zealand Foundation and Marcus McShane. "For those of us raised in Western customs, cultivating sincere relationships with our Asian mothers can take a huge amount of effort and heart. Our relationships are complexly affected by the divides along generation, culture, gender, family, trauma and language. Our worlds can feel as different as an ocean. But despite how much we may have grown up envying white families, and despite not always understanding one another, our relationships with our mums are sincere and special. Based on true text conversations, each work in Munu is a fumbling together of traditional and contemporary techniques. They show care in the ways we have each learnt, and hopefully pass translation. Look, and there will be love." Vanessa Mei Crofskey (Hokkien Chinese, Pākehā) is the director of Enjoy, as well as an artist, producer and writer. Since graduating from Auckland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Visual Arts in 2017, Vanessa has worked as producer in residence at Basement Theatre, curator for Window Gallery, and most recently as a staff writer and communications manager for arts and culture journal The Pantograph Punch. In her work as an interdisciplinary arts practitioner Vanessa has worked extensively with festivals, public programmes and galleries to create exciting public events and installations, most recently with Satellites and Artspace Aotearoa. Vanessa is also a published poet and has a collection out with Auckland University Press (AUP New Poet’s Six). Satellites is a series of events, exhibitions, and encounters exploring the contemporary experience of the Asian diaspora in Aotearoa