The Māori Sidesteps

The Māori Sidesteps are New Zealand’s newest and naughtiest Māori Showband on the Aotearoa entertainment scene. Get ready for a night of hilarity as the Sidesteps turn some of your favourite songs on their head in a mix of satirical skits and crooning goodness
Musical Comedy
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Fresh from their successful web-series, where one of their music videos has amassed over 1 million views, the Māori Sidesteps have created a live show for audiences to enjoy and sing-along to. Starring some of New Zealand’s best entertainers, Cohen Holloway (Find Me a Maori Bride), Jamie McCaskill (Smokey Feel), Jerome Leota (Naked Samoans), Erroll Anderson (Ghost in a Shell) & Regan Taylor (Solothello, Pop Up Globe).