Made Marion Craft - Lema Shamamba

Visual Arts
166 Cuba St. Join Made Marion, artist Lema Shamamba, musician Sam Manzanza and Zoe Black of Objectspace, with Lema in residence to meet you showing her extraordinary embroidery, with performances by Sam at 2 and 4pm Saturday and 12noon,1 and 2pm Sunday We will have a Curators of Cuba discussion with everyone 1.15pm Sunday. Made Marion Craft is Wellington's leading inner-city crafts and sewing supply shop. We are honoured to be hosting embroiderer Lema Shamamba. Lema uses the medium of embroidery to make moving statements about the impact of politics, greed and war upon the lives of ordinary people. Lema Shamamba is a leader, educator, mother and storyteller, originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In association with Auckland’s Objectspace, Lema will be showing her remarkable embroidered narratives of ongoing conflicts in the Congo, and other work. In her West Auckland community Lema is known affectionately as ‘Mama Lema’, working closely with community development organisation, Rānui Action Project. She established Women of Hope, connecting migrant women, and was recognised for her work in Women Kind: New Zealand Women Making a Difference. Conflict over minerals is represented through metallic coloured forms whilst characters illustrate the daily threat of being killed or raped by militia. In some works figures are shown attempting crossing the border. Shamamba also offers counter imagery as symbols of hope embodying her resilient stance: “the beauty of Congo can light up the whole world.”