McLeavey Gallery - Richard Killeen

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Level1, 147 Cuba Street. Join Olivia McLeavey and Mary Jane-Duffy for a talk about the gallery and the work of artist Richard Killeen, and his exhibition Repetition showing at McLeavey Gallery until March 27 as part of Curators of Cuba 1.45pm Saturday 27 March. McLeavey Gallery will also have an exclusive CubaDupa limited release of Yvonne Todd poster art. To book click the link at the bottom of this page. The exhibition brings together work by Richard Killeen spanning four decades (1974-2020) around a single connecting theme: repeated images. Starting out at Elam School of Fine Arts under the tutelage of Colin McCahon, Killeen has had a rich and varied career. Encompassing painting, print-making and digital works, Killeen's practice defies narrow categorisation. At the core, however, is a continued attempt to "seize and reposition the optical universe bit by bit." (Neil Talbot, 2020). Time and again, Killen lifts images from the everyday and repositions them in ever-evolving compositions, creating new relationships and visual hierarchies. In the accompanying exhibition catalogue, Laurence Simmons writes, "The images 'appropriated' by Killeen in his work, lifted originally from public compendia of images – resource books, collections, manuals, encyclopaedias – are repeated, and in that repetition their whole effect is transformed, dismantled, decomposed."