Sustainable CubaDupa

  •  Globelet Reusable Cups – All our outdoor licensed bars will be serving drinks in a reusable Globelet cup. Pay a $2 bond on top of your first drink, use it again and again at the same bar or once you’ve finished your drink, take the cup with you to another bar or take it home. If you don’t need your cup anymore you can get a $1 refund from one of the two CubaDupa Info booths. Please do not dispose of your cups in the rubbish bins – they’re worth $1. The reusable cup system will save 1000’s of disposable single serve cups going to the landfill

  • Recycling Stations –  22 four-bin recycling stations are located throughout CubaDupa where you can dispose of your food packaging, cans and plastic, glass and general waste. All of our food stalls are using compostable packaging so when you’re finished with your delicious eats you put the packaging into the green bins. Our hard working team from Wellington Waste Managers and their team of waste ambassadors will be out and about to keep bins clear and the streets clean, so please give them a helping hand and dispose of your waste in the correct bin.

  •  Bring your reusable bags – If you plan on doing some shopping bring a bag or backpack  to take away your purchases. You can also purchase a CubaDupa tote bag from one of our two Info booths.

  •  Leave your car at home – jump on your bike, walk or take public transport to CubaDupa. The roads are closed and there is limited parking in the area, so the best way to get to CubaDupa is not in a car.
19 Mar 19
Globelet Cups

We are working hard to make CubaDupa a Zero Waste event and we need your help. There are a number of easy things you can do to support CubaDupa becoming the cleanest, greenest street festival in NZ

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3 Apr 19

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