Cuba Dupa
Cuba Dupa 2017

Wellington’s vibrant street festival celebrating the epic creative spirit of Cuba Street and the Wellington community


Chris Armour Quartet

Often seen playing guitar as a sideman to any number of Wellington musicians, here Chris Armour steps out as a bandleader, playing a set of original blues instrumentals from his upcoming debut album. Chris plays the blues with a restraint and finesse beyond his years, earned and learned the old fashioned way; a lot of records, and a lot of gigs. Drawing from the deep well that is American music, Chris and his band of world-class (local) musicians offer up an exciting, incendiary take on the blues idiom. The Chris Armour quartet are Chris Armour on guitar, Richard Te One on drums, Steve Moodie on bass and Andrew Clouston on Saxophones.
Saturday 5:00 pm – Capital Blues Stage Chris Armour Quartet



Australia & UK
Circus, Music, Theatre
The Chipolatas, custodians of an ever-evolving tradition, blending the old and the new, where circus meets theatre and live music is played. A common ground where magic is made.

Transcending trends, capturing hearts and crossing boundaries, these 3 actors / musicians / clowns, perform a story without words.

Saturday 2:00 pm – Urban Garden Leeds St Chipolatas
Saturday 4:00 pm – Cuba St Upper Chipolatas Clown Band
Saturday 5:15 pm – Ghuznee St East Chipolatas
Sunday 12:45 pm – Upper Cuba St Stage Ground Chipolatas Clown Band
Sunday 2:15 pm – Urban Garden Leeds St Chipolatas Clown Band
Sunday 3:45 pm – Upper Cuba St Stage Ground Chipolatas


Ceroc Dance NZ

Ceroc® Dance is a social partner dance generally done to chart toppers and old favourites. It is a partner dance that you can dance just about anywhere!
Ceroc® Dance classes are fun, a great way to keep fit and to meet people. It can be danced by first-time dancers with “two left feet” and yet can be danced by accomplished dancers. You can walk into any Ceroc class and have you dancing out!
Saturday 1:15 pm – Wellington International Airport Swan Stage DANZ dance programme presents


Carnival Bloco

All of New Zealand
Street Music and Dance
Carnival Bloco brings the vibrant rhythms of 150 Samba drummers and dancers from around NZ and Australia to CubaDupa. Coming together are AKSamba (Auckland), Sambatron (Hamilton), Tauranga Samba, Samba de Sol (Nelson), Bay Batucada (Hawkes Bay), Wellington Batucada. Dress up, get your dancing shoes on and get ready to be involved cos you’re gonna want to shake yer booty! You’ll find them on stage, on the streets, and jamming in Te Aro Park on both days – and on Sunday they’ll be joining forces for a great big Carnival Finale to close the festival.
Sunday 2:50 pm – Cuba St Upper Carnival Bloco
Sunday 2:55 pm – Te Aro Park Carnival Bloco
Sunday 3:15 pm – Wellington International Airport Swan Stage Carnival Bloco Finale



C-26 is a sizzling seven piece salsa band from Wellington. A great mix of South American and Kiwi musicians who bring vibrant and energetic music to the Wellington scene. Their sound and style is inspired by playing salsa classics from Cuba and Puerto Rico, with the first female Latino salsa singer resident in Wellington, Anayibi Loboa from Colombia. Authentic sound of salsa that simply makes you want to move.
Saturday 3:30 pm – Upper Cuba Stage C-26


Devon Welch

Singer Songwriter
Devon is a singer/songwriter who bases his musical existence on positive messages. He uses his life journey to write songs aimed at bringing a new light and refreshed perspective of life to his audiences.
Influenced by his love of funk, reggae, soul and NZ Music, Devon is always looking at ways to branch out and find new ways to write his music. He aims to spread his music far and wide to those who find a connection with what he has to say.
Saturday 5:30 pm – Urban Garden Leeds St ZEAL presents


Del Thomas Band

Mixed in with his popular renditions of Peter Green blues classics, Del will also perform originals from his recently released CDs, Driving Home and Shifting Sands. “The Mac influence is audible in slow-burning numbers like Every Hour, with gritty vocals and wailing slide guitar. But with these self-penned songs, this stalwart of the Wellington blues scene also dips a toe into less blue waters. The blues are obviously deep in his bones, but as the website says, he has “one foot in the blues and the other in country-folk-rock” – a nice combo!” – Bing Turkby, NZ Musician Band lineup: Dougal Speir – guitar; Elliotte Fuimoano – bass; Mo Phillips – drums.; Del Thomas – guitar and vocals.
Saturday 1:15 pm – Capital Blues Stage Del Thomas Band


Capital! Steampunk

Street Theatre
Take a radio-controlled vehicle, remove the body, attach a teapot, decorate to taste and race through an obstacle course against the clock. Plus the Wellington-invented variation, premiered at CubaDupa 2016: Teapot Sheepdog Trials. Tea duelling is a very civilised way of settling disputes with tea and biscuits. And very little blood.
Saturday 1:40 pm – Cuba Mall Steampunk Parade
Saturday 2:00 pm – Dixon St East Splendid Teapot racing
Sunday 1:00 pm – Cuba Mall Tea Dueling


Bureaucrats That Dance

Street Boogie
Set in the near future, a world where robots are increasing in number and doing most of the things humans once did, but better and faster. Human morale is at an all time low and most of the humans who are still bothering to eat and breathe have augmented their body parts with bot attachments in a poor attempt to compete with robots. However, the one thing robots can’t do as well as humans is dance. To be human is to dance. This group of human resistance dancers are on the move. Their mission? To reclaim humanity!
Saturday 4:00 pm – Upper Cuba St Stage Ground Bureaucrats That Dance
Saturday 6:30 pm – Swan Ground Bureaucrats That Dance
Sunday 2:30 pm – Ghuznee St East Bureaucrats That Dance
Sunday 4:15 pm – Ghuznee St East Bureaucrats That Dance


David Feehan Band

R & B
The David Feehan Band has been around for over 25 years and in that time many fine musicians have passed through this wonderful band. Led by one of NZs leading male singers, David Feehan, the current line up is Olivia Campion, drums, Paul Mouncey, bass, Andy Mauafua, guitar, Phil Hornblow, Keys, Sean Feehan, percussion & vocals, Andre Paris, Saxes, Chris Fox, trombone, Chris Selley, trumpet, Jamie Musuva, vocals, and guest, Raquel Abolins-Reid, vocals. Special guest will be Julie Lamb on vocals as the band play a set of some of their favourite R&B/Blues tunes, whether great arrangements of other songs, or their own, and are not to be missed.
Saturday 7:30 pm – Capital Blues Stage David Feehan Band


Dave Murphy and Friends

Dave Murphy has established himself as one of the leading fingerstyle blues players in the country. Whether it be old style Robert Johnson or the more modern shades of Magic Sam, Dave can handle it all. He has led and played in blues bands such as The Juke Jivers ,The Midnight Creepers, Hot Leftovers as well as duo and solo work. For CubaDupa Dave is backed by Terry Casey (harmonica), Chris Armour (guitar), Richard Te One (drums) and Miklin Halstead (bass)
Sunday 2:30 pm – Capital Blues Stage Dave Murphy and Friends


Dave Geigle Yo-Yo Champion

Yo-Yo Demonstration
“More than just up and down!” This is how you could describe the artistic performance of Dave Geigle. For nearly two decades this young Berliner has been yoyoing around – so successfully that he has been European Champion five times! With tricks like “Around the world”, “Eifel Tower” and “Rock the Baby” as well as performing with two yoyos simultaneously, Dave Geigle amazes audiences with his cool show. Come and have a look and then give it a go yourself under Dave Geigle’s expert guidance!

In cooperation with the Goethe-Institut

Saturday 1:30 pm – Urban Garden Leeds St Dave Geigle Yo-Yo Champion
Saturday 2:45 pm – Urban Garden Leeds St Dave Geigle Yo-Yo Champion
Sunday 1:15 pm – Cuba St Upper Dave Geigle Yo-Yo Champion
Sunday 2:00 pm – Urban Garden Leeds St Dave Geigle Yo-Yo Champion
Sunday 4:00 pm – Urban Garden Leeds St Dave Geigle Yo-Yo Champion



If you want to get a party started and the D-Floor full, then call Cumbia Bros! These ten musicians combine songs in Spanish and English while maintaining the best of Latin dance grooves. Accordions, trombones, percussion, guitars and so much energy! Wherever they perform, the night dresses up and dancing is inevitable!
Saturday 11:15 pm – Wellington International Airport Swan Stage CUMBIA BROS


Dj Jamoody

Jamoody will bring the funk back with a Break Beat & DnB set to close out the Toi Pōneke stage on Saturday night. Throwing it all down on the decks and ready to traverse across genres to get the D-floor rocking, this is the place to be for your bass driven dance moves!
Saturday 10:30 pm – Toi Poneke Stage DJ Jamoody


Dimestore Skanks

Dimestore Skanks are a rowdy 8 piece Party Punk Ska band. These Wellington based boys have been around since 2011 and love nothing more than putting on a high octane show and dancing until they can’t dance anymore. Bring your skankin’ shoes along, get that back up off the wall, and join them live for a party like no other.
Saturday 9:30 pm – Upper Cuba Stage Dimestore Skanks


Cumbia Blazera

Cumbia Blazera features 11 handsome guys from the ‘Sunday Blazers’ Football Club, playing instruments and singing upbeat tunes: Colombian classics, Kiwi hits (‘Cumbia-fied’) and their own original songs. Some of them are professional musicians; some are South American; some are ‘other’. It’s always an epic party! They sing in Spanish, English, and in the universal language of chanting sounds like ‘Wai-ooo’. In April 2017 they are touring Colombia – choice!
Sunday 3:45 pm – Glover Stage Cumbia Blazera


CubaDupa Whakatau Opening

Opening Event
An opening or whakatau to clear the path, set the scene for Wellington’s award winning festival. Experience taonga puoro, mau rakau (Maori Martial Art), cultural performances and live music with the chance of participating in the official CubaDupa song performed by a collective of Wellington musicians and performers led by Noel Woods (Grove Roots) featuring Sianne, TUMA, Alistair Fraser, Pacifiesta, Amba Holly, Neha Gate plus much more.

We welcome both artists and the audience to join us for the first event of CubaDupa 2017! Les Grooms (France), and Wellington Community Choir, and Whitireia Performing Arts – in two parades move from Abel Smith and Dixon Streets to culminate at Wellington Airport Swan Dancehall for the Whakatau.

We welcome everyone to learn our commissioned CubaDupa action song to create a kapa haka opening welcome that will live on in future CubaDupa events. Visit our Youtube link below to learn the moves to the waiata.

Saturday 12:00 pm – Wellington International Airport Swan Stage Whakatau Grand Opening


Cotton Daisy Backstep

Square Dance
Cotton Daisy Backstep play the old ‘hillbilly’ music of the Appalachian Mountains of America. Their square dances hark back to the days of the pioneers, shotgun totin’ farmers and moonshiners. On banjo, guitar, bass and fiddle, they bring you that tub-thumping goodness no book-learning can give; the very roots of Americana. Dances are taught and no experience or partner needed. Prizes for the best male and female old-time attire.
Saturday 3:15 pm – Wellington International Airport Swan Stage DANZ dance programme presents


Colossal Productions

Street Theatre Circus
Kev, Bev and Trev like nothing more than a good ol’ Kiwi BBQ. So they chucked their 6 burner in the back of the Ute, found a gas tank with a little more than half in it and hit the streets to share their love for outdoor cooking. What should be simple method of cooking sausages and other meat based produce, soon turns into absolute mayhem!

PS. Vegetarian options provided
PPS. All food is hypothetical – BYO imagination

Saturday 5:00 pm – Cuba St Central KIWI BBQ
Saturday 8:30 pm – Cuba St Upper KIWI BBQ
Sunday 12:00 pm – Te Aro Park KIWI BBQ
Sunday 3:00 pm – Cuba St Central KIWI BBQ


Clan Celtica

Tribal Percussion
Clan Celtica is a Scottish Tribal band made up of 5 drummers and a Great Highland Bagpiper. Their music is uniquely Scottish. And is best described as an exciting mix of emotive Celtic melodies alongside pulsating dynamic drum beats, both slow and fast. Apart from having an almost eerie hypnotic atmospheric ambiance the drums live up to their reputation as the sound of Thunder!
Saturday 12:35 pm – Toi Poneke Stage Clan Celtica
Saturday 1:15 pm – Cuba St Upper Clan Celtica
Sunday 12:45 pm – Glover Park Ground Clan Celtica
Sunday 1:30 pm – Te Aro Park Clan Celtica



Street Theatre
The DYNAMOGèNE Company was created in 1995, following Clintonbaco’s story (1990-1994). Our shows are meant for the street, they are based upon life-size toys where poetry of the machinery is sustained by the absurd, but deeply human acting of the characters.
We perform more than 1800 représentations in 33 countries.
We were in Cuba Dupa festival 2017 with the Cymbalobylette !
Saturday 2:15 pm – Toi Poneke Stage Ground La Cymbalobylette
Saturday 2:35 pm – Cuba St Upper La Cymbalobylette
Saturday 4:00 pm – Cuba St Central La Cymbalobylette
Saturday 4:20 pm – Ghuznee St East La Cymbalobylette
Saturday 6:15 pm – Wellington Company Hannah’s Courtyard La Cymbalobylette
Saturday 6:30 pm – Cuba Mall La Cymbalobylette
Sunday 12:15 pm – Cuba St Central La Cymbalobylette
Sunday 12:30 pm – Ghuznee St East La Cymbalobylette
Sunday 2:35 pm – Cuba St Upper La Cymbalobylette
Sunday 2:55 pm – Toi Poneke Stage Ground La Cymbalobylette
Sunday 4:00 pm – Wellington Company Hannah’s Courtyard La Cymbalobylette
Sunday 4:20 pm – Cuba Mall La Cymbalobylette


Duelling Pianos

Street Boogie
We put two upright acoustic pianos face to face with a very brave drummer in the middle. Guns are drawn and a piano duel begins. The music is highly energetic and features familiar songs.
Saturday 6:30 pm – Booth House Duelling Pianos
Saturday 8:15 pm – Glover Park Ground Duelling Pianos
Saturday 8:45 pm – Swan Ground Duelling Pianos
Sunday 1:00 pm – Ghuznee St West Duelling Pianos
Sunday 2:00 pm – Te Aro Park Duelling Pianos
Sunday 3:15 pm – Cuba Mall Duelling Pianos


DJ Takas

Having DJ’d in the Capital for the better part of 12 years, DJ Takas knows more than a thing or 3 about how to read a crowd, and what it takes to be a fearless DJ. Takas will be appearing on the Toi Pōneke Music Stage fresh of the back of Splore. He needs no introduction to Wellington party goers and dancefloor regulars. Opting for a Vinyl only set he will treat CubaDupa to a view through the looking glass to when vinyl was king.
Saturday 4:30 pm – Toi Poneke Stage Dj Takas



From Sao Paulo, Brazil Marcos Koga aka Dj PG has more than twenty years of experience on the decks. Using most of his research work with elements of the Brazilian Music from the 60s and 70s mixed with classic hip hop tunes, rock and soul. PG has been a resident in most of the heavyweight clubs in Sao Paulo, all over Brazil, and around the world.
Saturday 10:45 pm – Wellington International Airport Swan Stage DJ PG
Saturday 11:30 pm – Upper Cuba Stage DJ PG


DJ Mishahesa

DJ Mishahesa is a House Music and Vinyl lover who has been collecting and spinning vinyl for close to 18 years. Well known for playing the House room for the infamous Matrix Crew at the Phoenix night club, often playing back to back sunrise sets with DJ Shortstop. Over the Years Mishahesa has maintained regular radio shows on, Radio Massey/Control, Firm FM, The Most FM, and currently, (Friday Drive and Collective Fetish). Mishahesa plays a variety of styles covering the House Music spectrum, with a particular fondness for Deep House with plenty of funk and soul in the mix!
Saturday 3:00 pm – Toi Poneke Stage DJ Mishahesa


DJ Mali

Funk / Soul / R&B
DJ Mali is Malisa Palalagi, a Wellington-based DJ/Selector. Her history playing in live bands as a bass player, guitarist & vocalist has been set aside momentarily, as she finds inspiration in playing the tunes of others, most notably soul, funk, R&B, downbeat and hip hop.
Saturday 12:30 pm – Garage Project Marion St Stage DJ Mali
Saturday 1:40 pm – Garage Project Marion St Stage DJ Mali
Saturday 2:40 pm – Garage Project Marion St Stage DJ Mali



Hip Hop / Soul / Funk
Self-professed Hipster Hop god DFRESH returns to the capital with a selection of premium vinyl plates for pleasing party people. With all good intentions of much audio touchington, DFRESH brings his choicest cuts to the table, revisiting a moshi of disco daze, jazzy swingers and anthemic classic clappers! DFRESH will be on stage Sunday 26 March at 2pm – 2:45pm
Sunday 2:00 pm – Toi Poneke Stage D-Fresh


George FM

DJ Live Radio 104.5FM
George FM will be at CubaDupa again for 2017 and this time we are bringing the log cabin show live from Wellington.
We will have DJ’s from around the country playing smooth tunes and winding up on Saturday night to bring you the latest tracks and live mixes.
Make sure you come and check us on Dixon street with music pumping from 6pm on Saturday night till late and Sunday from noon.
Sunday 12:00 am – Te Aro Park George FM


George & Noriko

Blues / World
George and Noriko break all the rules. The duo brings something unique, something unexpected.

Known as the Japanese Blues Cowboy and the Tsugaru shamisen player, they have been kicking up a storm wherever they play.  George’s lightning fast blues licks & growling harmonica enhanced by Noriko’s percussive sounds of the shamisen (Traditional Japanese banjo) has morphed into a kind of bluegrass hard country blues with a Japanese twist.

Saturday 4:15 pm – Glover Stage George & Noriko
Sunday 2:59 pm – Upper Cuba Stage George & Noriko


Fraser Hooper

Street Theatre
Take one award winning clown, sprinkle on some magic, turn up the comedy, add some eccentric dancing, a water skiing cow and a remote control duck and you have the perfect recipe for non stop laughter. Fresh from the worldwide success of his Boxing show, Fraser Hooper ventures into the great outdoors in another glorious concoction of ridiculous routines.

“Perfect comic timing, Hooper is super.”
The Sunday Mail Australia

Saturday 1:00 pm – Ghuznee St East Country Life
Saturday 3:15 pm – Ghuznee St East Country Life
Sunday 1:30 pm – Ghuznee St East Country Life
Sunday 3:15 pm – Ghuznee St East Country Life



An explosion of hot pink, vintage chrome and live sound, NOW 2017: The Rebel Pink by Footnote New Zealand Dance provides three emerging choreographers with an opportunity to create New Original Work in a world conjured by New Zealand dance luminary Malia Johnston, designer extraordinaire Marcus McShane and world class drummer/musician Tom Scrase (ex-Strike). Expect to be enthralled: expect to have a blast.
Saturday 7:30 pm – Dixon St West Footnote
Saturday 9:30 pm – Dixon St West Footnote
Sunday 1:30 pm – Dixon St West Footnote Dance


Finn Johansson

Wellington’s much-loved Psychedelic Country Songwriter Finn Johansson has been cloistered away in his bedroom studio over the summer assembling a followup to his 2015 debut, ‘Two Thousand And Fourteen’. You’ll hear a couple of brand spanking new numbers when Finn takes to the stage with his 5-Piece All-Star Rock-and-or-Roll Band this Cubadupa. Have you ever danced and wept profusely at the same time? Now’s your chance to.
Sunday 2:30 pm – Glover Stage Finn Johansson



Electric Blue Witch Hop
Estère is a girl with an MPC she calls Lola. With Lola, Estère samples and records a wide variety of sounds she then uses to create a canvas of pulsating rhythms and evocative melodies. Her accompanying elastic voice and inquisitive lyrics help paint Estère’s own unique genre of Electric Blue Witch-Hop.
Saturday 11:17 pm – Glover Stage Estère


Earth Tongue

Earth Tongue dwell in the distant future past. Other-worldly beings drifting upstream – taking all the best bits of the 1970s psych-rock era and placing them back within the alien landscapes from where they first emerged. Gussie Larkin (also in Mermaidens) plays thundering guitar and delicate voice. Ezra Simons (also in Red Sky Blues) plays delicate drums and thundering voice. Thanks to the robotics available to the everyday consumer, guitars can now sound like many things! Earth Tongue use this technology to their advantage, capturing sonic textures never before thought possible!
Saturday 7:00 pm – Garage Project Marion St Stage Earth Tounge


Les Grooms

Theatrical Brass Street Music
With a “play-anywhere-for-anybody” attitude this theatrical brass band from France, roam the streets of CubaDupa promising a joyous mélange of music and comedy. Les Grooms play repertoire ranging from folk to jazz, from ethnic to the classics, from medieval airs to film themes, with a smattering of original compositions thrown in. Sometimes, they even sing…

This multi-talented band can improvise a tune for a single passer-by or suddenly become a living red-carpet ; are capable of inflicting an individual musical torture session or invade a shop ; and might well finish off with a tender serenade to a lucky bystander.

Les Grooms is proudly supported by Institut Français, Région Centre val de Loire and la Spedidam.

Saturday 12:00 pm – Te Aro Park Whakatau
Saturday 2:00 pm – Cuba Mall Les Grooms
Saturday 2:30 pm – Wellington Company Hannah’s Courtyard Les Grooms
Saturday 5:00 pm – Cuba Mall Les Grooms
Saturday 5:40 pm – Wellington Company Hannah’s Courtyard Les Grooms
Sunday 12:30 pm – Cuba Mall Les Grooms
Sunday 1:00 pm – Glover Park Ground les Grooms
Sunday 3:00 pm – Cuba Mall Les Grooms
Sunday 3:30 pm – Wellington Company Hannah’s Courtyard Les Grooms


Le Dance with Sacha Copland

Le Dance perform pop-up dances for events all over town and love to get the city grooving. The group brings together some of Wellington’s diverse dance community to celebrate dancing for the sheer joy of it.

Le Dance sprung from Le Grand Continental’s group of volunteer dancers for the opening of the 2016 NZ Festival.

Sacha Copland is the artistic director of Wellington’s Java Dance Theatre. She brings immersive dance to the heart of the city.

Sunday 1:35 pm – Wellington International Airport Swan Stage DANZ dance programme presents



Latinaotearoa came from the concept of blending local flavours with the colourful
cultures of South America. Brazilian born Auckland DJ Bobby Brazuka and Venezuelan
singer Jennifer Zea created a unique live performance with Bobby’s Latin influenced
soul-funk and hip hop selections layered with Jennifer’s ravishing vocals.
Saturday 6:45 pm – Upper Cuba Stage Latinaotearoa



Indie / Punk
HEX is the heavy triumvirate of Liz Mathews and GG and Kiki Van Newtown. Birthed from a musical lineage that spans classical to folk to punk to metal, the band crafts each song as a spell, using archetypal images and drawing on literary traditions from Coleridge to Eileen Myles.

HEX’s music has been described at “lofi metal” (Six Noises), and moves methodically moves between harmony and discord with tempo shifts and interweaving melodies devolving into psychedelic breakdowns before being drawn together again in resolve.

Saturday 3:00 pm – Garage Project Marion St Stage Hex


Lala and Marimba Mojo

African Dance
Tamba! (‘To play around and have fun’)
Wellington’s African music performers and community musicians will combine to present a participatory singing and dancing party where everyone is invited to join in the music and dance. The music will feature groovy and hypnotic sounds from Zimbabwe and Madagascar played on African marimbas by Marimba Mojo. Lala Simpson’s effervescent personality and remarkable dance teaching skills will have everyone moving together in authentic fashion. High energy song and dance fun for all the family!
Sunday 12:40 pm – Wellington International Airport Swan Stage DANZ dance programme presents


Kirsten Te Rito

Electronic / Māori
Sydney Morning Herald called her vocals ‘spectacular’, & that’s no exaggeration. Award-winning songstress Kirsten Te Rito teams up with some of NZ’s most accomplished musicians for a killer showcase of original, electro/future soul delights & downright musical wizardry. Big beats, lush soundscapes & soaring vocals take you on a sonic journey in English & Te Reo Māori. Feat. James Illingworth-Bliss n Eso, Darren Mathiassen-Shapeshifter, Johnny Lawrence-Electric Wire Hustle, Justin Clarke-FlyMyPretties.
Saturday 8:45 pm – Glover Stage Kirsten Te Rito


Equilibrium Trio

Combining eccentric harmonies and excessively metaphoric lyrics, Equilibrium Trio create music which is enjoyed mostly by elderly relatives who are socially obliged to do so. 
Equilibrium Trio began in 2013 and is comprised of three friends who have often prioritised music over having a social life. Consisting of only three voices and a guitar, they have regularly been compared to Fleet Foxes and similarly overtly niche bands. Their debut EP “Constellations” is to be released this year.
Saturday 6:00 pm – Urban Garden Leeds St ZEAL Presents


East Harlem Schmackdown

Influenced by the sound of Issac Hayes, War, Herbie Mann, Rahsaan Roland Kirk and theme songs from the 70’s, the East Harlem Schmackdown is a party time band of exotic 70’s flute funk grooves. Fluff that afro, dig out those bell bottoms. Get on down and feel tha funk.
“It’s so damn hot. Milk was a bad choice” – Ron Burgundy
Saturday 6:00 pm – Glover Stage East Harlem Schmackdown



DJ Music
Made up of Jack Laven & Sebastian Vallance, HUZKY are a DJ/production duo from Wellington. Having played in bands together since the start of high school, the pair finally found their roots in electronic music. With fat slapping 808s and bubbly melodies, HUZKY are notorious for their heavy, trappy sound.
Saturday 9:55 pm – Urban Garden Leeds St ZEAL presents



80’s Synth
80’s synths, lo-fi drum loops and hook-heavy pop songs are what Honey are all about. We want to play music that makes seats obsolete, and gets boots and glute’s alike, shaking all night. <3
Saturday 1:00 pm – Garage Project Marion St Stage Honey


Hans Pucket

Alternative Pop / Rock
Hans Pucket is the musical pseudonym of twins Oli and Callum Devlin, and multi-instrumentalist wunderkind Jono Nott (ONONO). Raised on a diet of Abba, Beach Boys and Big Chill soundtrack CDs, and survivors of an adolescence in the guitar-pop saturated 2000s, Hans Pucket contemplate the darkest angst of modern love and life, and really want to make you dance.
Saturday 1:00 pm – Upper Cuba Stage Hans Pucket


Ginger Wine Club

Funny Funk
Ginger Wine Club brings together Three very talented multi-instrumentalist songwriters and poets to provide their skewed take on popular music. Describe it as ‘comedy-folk-country-jazz-cabaret-hip hop-burlesque’ and you might not be far off.
Saturday 3:00 pm – San Fran Folk & Country Lounge Ginger Wine Club


Olmecha Supreme

Live Hip Hop
Olmecha Supreme started out as a solo MPC project headed by Captain Imon Starr in the early 00ʻs. Fusing elements of Hip Hop, Jazz, Reggae, Blues, Roots, Electronica, Funk, Punk, Noise, Video Game music, and Martial Arts film sound tracks into something called “Afro Futuristic Roots Music” and Featuring New Zealandʻs champion Rap Boxer “King Home Boy” and the Captain improvising around themes of love, war, revolution, comedy, and hope.
Saturday 10:45 pm – Upper Cuba Stage Olmecha Supreme


No Sleep After Midnight

Rock Music
No Sleep after Midnight, a Wellington based youth band that is sure to entertain. Over the past three years they have been actively playing venues throughout Wellington and the Lower North Island. While having fun putting their own rock flavour on well known hits, they are also enjoying being creative with their own original music, making sure there is something for everyone. No Sleep after Midnight are Brooke Wood (Vocals) Logan Wood (Lead Guitar/BV’s) Taylar Mallo (Bass) and Simon Buxton (Drums)
Saturday 6:30 pm – Urban Garden Leeds St ZEAL Presents


Nicole Andrews

Folk / Electronic
Originally from Portland Oregon, Nicole Andrews has gained recognition in Wellington as an up and coming artist to watch out for. Known for her haunting vocals and melancholic piano ballads, Nicole has now moved towards a more electronic feel, incorporating a Prophet 6 synthesizer in her writings for her upcoming second album. The album is currently underway in the studio, with Thomas Voyce (Rhombus) producing it.
Saturday 6:00 pm – San Fran Folk & Country Lounge Nicole Andrews


Namnita Kumar Bollywood

Spice up your dance moves Bollywood style. Come learn some new moves to modern upbeat music with Namnita Kumar, a fun have a go workshop for all ages and abilities.
Sunday 12:05 pm – Wellington International Airport Swan Stage DANZ dance programme presents


NAG – Off the Grid & Off the Wall

Bicycle Powered Soundsystem
Nag is a self-powered art studio made from entirely recycled components that are powered solely through the energy of the artists pedalling as they work. For CubaDupa 2017 Nag is teaming up with a series of delicious musical and experimental performers to create the energy to perform, and generate the power needed for their performance. They will be spinning a bicycle-powered record player, wafting things, projecting things, and (literally) attempting to blow things up.
Saturday 6:30 pm – Wellington Company Hannah’s Courtyard Princessin Hans
Saturday 7:00 pm – Wellington Company Hannah’s Courtyard NAG
Saturday 9:00 pm – Wellington Company Hannah’s Courtyard Aroma DJ Ploitica & DJ Dr Huup
Saturday 10:00 pm – Wellington Company Hannah’s Courtyard Sam Trubridge



DJ Kerb, Wellington old schools finest & Graf writer. Known as a leader of burners in the 04, Kerb has a thirty year history of elevating style & celebrating hip-hop’s musical lineage. Joining Kerb will be Raven from TDT, Xmen & BurnUnit. Raven Hails from the University of Hip-Hop in Chicago, with thirty plus years of busting lyrics & Graf burners under his belt. Raven is a hip-hop activist & educator who has worked with youth worldwide. Raven is on a Fulbright scholarship to NZ to study the intersection of Hip-hop activism & Maori culture. Don’t miss this rear collaboration!
Saturday 1:45 pm – Toi Poneke Stage Vinyl Allsorts


Mr Amish

Mr Amish is about exposing the pain of the depression, the mundane of the day, the power of the addiction, the guilt of the colonisation, the grip of the relationship, each topic revealed within a tune which has been specifically assigned for pleasure and entertainment, the input method being 90 percent ear hole 10 percent eye ball.
Saturday 2:00 pm – Garage Project Marion St Stage Mr Amish


More FM Kids Zone

Family Activity
The More FM Kids Zone will be better than ever this year with everything from a Nerf Gun shooting range, free bubble blowing, Beyblade battles, and some delicious morsels for the young at heart.
We will also be taking photos on the day so make sure you come and join us. We would love to see you at Wellington’s Iconic CubaDupa festival for another amazing year in the capital.
Saturday 12:30 pm – Cuba St Upper More FM Kids Zone
Sunday 12:00 pm – Cuba St Upper More FM kids zone



Pop Punk Music
Mishap play 90s/early 2000s pop punk, taking influences from bands like Green Day and blink-182 but renewing this sound with the crisp audio production, tight, exciting live shows and the teenage angst of modern bands such as Neck Deep, Knuckle Puck and The Story So Far. They started playing music together in April last year and have been playing shows almost every weekend since. In the short time they have been a band, they have played shows all around the lower North Island and distributed an EP.
Saturday 7:40 pm – Urban Garden Leeds St ZEAL presents



Dark Rock
Mermaidens are a three-piece outfit from Wellington. They are renowned for their intricate and unique songwriting, boldly raw but increasingly refined studio production, and a hypnotic live synergy that leaves audiences enchanted. After support slots for acts such as Mac Demarco and Death Cab For Cutie, as well as numerous sold out New Zealand headline shows, Mermaidens have become a staple ‘must see’ act in the New Zealand music scene.
Saturday 10:00 pm – Glover Stage Mermaidens


Matt Hay & The Makers

Country Blues
Matt Hay & the Makers – Matt Hay (vocals/guitar/harmonica) and the Makers (Clint Meech – keys/BVs, Phil Hope – mandolin/guitar/BVs, George Barris – bass and Delia Shanly – drums) draw influence from the likes of John Hiatt, JJ Cale, and The Band, but deliver their own special blend Blues, Country and Americana. Hay’s original songs have melodies that will stick in your brain, choruses you’ll want to sing along to, and offer quietly astute commentaries on life’s little ups and downs.
Sunday 12:00 pm – Capital Blues Stage Matt Hay and the Makers


Mass Cuba St Funk Orchestra

Funk Soul
Take The Eggs, well known as the funkiest band in the land, and add half a tea cup of Funky Bass, a pound of Funky Fat Back Drums, 4 Tablespoons of Funky Memphis Guitar, another pinch of Funky Keyboards, and what you get is a whole Mass of Funk on the stage. That’s right, two of Everything Funky = A Funky Good Time!
Saturday 10:00 pm – Wellington International Airport Swan Stage Mass Cuba St Funk Orchestra


Ready Sett

Indie Rock
Ready Sett began in early 2014 with a sound reminiscent of The White Stripes and The Black Keys. Nowadays they draw inspiration from punk, indie, and riot grrrl groups from the ’90s. The duo’s songs reflect their feminist consciousness, coming to life through simple pop hooks, crushing guitar riffs and irreverent humour. They released their debut EP in December 2015 titled ‘The Badger EP’.
Saturday 12:30 pm – Glover Stage Ready Sett



Creative Installation & Workshops
Welcome to our weekend transformation of an inner city car park into an Urban Garden Paradise with fabulous blooms, pallet seating and a playable junk orchestra! Using home grown, low impact and reusable resources, help us grow the Urban Garden with workshops for the young and not so young. Butterflies and Blooms: Create large butterflies from homegrown willow and tissue, or small flowers/ blooms from reused foam to enhance the Urban Garden ambiance, or take home as a memento.
Junk Instruments: make paint bucket drums, and horns to blow, from reused materials with simple construction.
Make, play and create, or just relax and enjoy the family atmosphere in an oasis amongst the street festivities.
Saturday 12:30 pm – Urban Garden Leeds St Butterflies and Blooms workshop
Saturday 2:30 pm – Urban Garden Leeds St REACT presents
Saturday 3:30 pm – Roaming Big Girls
Sunday 12:00 pm – Urban Garden Leeds St Capital E & Bloom
Sunday 1:30 pm – Urban Garden Leeds St Capital E & Bloom
Sunday 3:00 pm – Roaming Big Girls


Projekt Team

NZ’s leading all style street dance collective PROJEKT TEAM will be teaming up with some local talent in a showcase battle where you are the judge. Projekt Team are heavily involved in the freestyle battle scene and have had winners in the last 6 major NZ events including Summer Showdown in Raglan, Ultimate All Style Champs in Hamilton and SDNZ Nationals in Auckland. Don’t miss these crazy champions in action!
Saturday 2:20 pm – Wellington International Airport Swan Stage DANZ dance programme presents


Princessin Hans

Berlin Germany
Theatrical Punk Music
Punk Connoisseurs Princessin Hans grew up on Berlin’s queer literature and cabaret stages, and is made up of NZ-born Hans Kellett and Germany’s musical mischief-maker Jörg Hochapfel. Onstage they blur conventional clichés of celebrity and identity while juggling musical genres like some folks juggle knives. For the first time in their 13-year career they are returning to Hans’ homeland, Aotearoa, and CubaDupa will be their first ever performance in here.

In cooperation with the Goethe-Institut

Saturday 6:30 pm – Wellington Company Hannah’s Courtyard Princessin Hans
Sunday 2:00 pm – Wellington Company Hannah’s Courtyard Princessin Hans



Gypsy Jazz
Violins, guitars and double bass whisper, seduce, and shout. Complex arrangements rub sexy shoulders with dance-floor favourites. Original tunes meet Django Reinhardt and Michael Jackson in a darkened hall-way, creating beautiful love-children, some of which we had to send into hiding. While time travelling from 1920’s Paris, we briefly got lost in Serbia before ending up in Wellington. Now we play beautiful music for you!
Sunday 1:15 pm – Upper Cuba Stage Phantasticus


Percolators Brass Band

Percolators Brass Band are a traditional second-line band performing quintessential street music of New Orleans. Featuring musicians from groups such as Soldiers Of The Pharaoh, Tunes Of I, Richter City Rebels and Hollie Smith. This conglomerate has joined together to present a distinguished and vibrant show immersed in the deep roots of New Orleans jazz, and mixing elements of soul, blues, funk and modern jazz, to deliver an exuberant and captivating show. Get your feet tappin’ and your hips shakin’!
Saturday 3:00 pm – Glover Stage Percolators Brass Band



ONONO is a psych pop supergroup made up of Wellingtons finest underground musicians. The band began as a recording project of Jono Nott and has since transformed into a five-piece boy band featuring members of fellow Wellington acts Hans Pucket, Finn Johansson, Mothers Dearest and Earth Tongue. Sit back and soak in the sonic pleasure or move your body in a rhythmic way.
Saturday 4:40 pm – Garage Project Marion St Stage ONONO


Renard the Fox – with Orchestra Wellington

Street Opera
CubaDupa and Orchestra Wellington present this 20 minute opera by Stravinsky, bringing opera to the streets! This foxy performance includes acrobatics by Pascal Ackerman, Tanya Drewer and Te Auaha students, and features four professional opera singers (including James Clayton and Richard Greager). Directed by Jacqui Coats, Renard the Fox is performed three times a day in the Hannah Courtyard.

Join the Renard The Fox procession from the Swan Dancehall at 12.40pm on Saturday for the first performance, and then from the corner of Dixon and Cuba Streets, 5 minutes prior to all other performances

Saturday 12:45 pm – Wellington Company Hannah’s Courtyard Renard The Fox
Saturday 1:20 pm – Wellington Company Hannah’s Courtyard Renard The Fox
Saturday 1:55 pm – Wellington Company Hannah’s Courtyard Renard The Fox
Sunday 12:15 pm – Wellington Company Hannah’s Courtyard Renard The Fox
Sunday 12:50 pm – Wellington Company Hannah’s Courtyard Renard The Fox
Sunday 1:25 pm – Wellington Company Hannah’s Courtyard Renard the Fox


Orpheus Choir of Wellington

The mighty Orpheus Choir of Wellington are well known for their dramatic symphonic performances. Presenting Kiwi hits, enlivened by a jazz trio, they escape the confines of the classical concert hall to support insanely talented soloists as an oversized backup vocal ensemble. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear your favourite NZ pop tunes as you’ve never heard them before.
Sunday 2:40 pm – Wellington International Airport Swan Stage Orpheus Choir of Wellington


Shabby Salon

Street Hairdressing
Enter through the floral curtain fronted Shabby Salon into a world often missed by the average Cuba St pedestrian. Where plastic bouquets, glittery objects and cast aside toys finally find their place in the world. The stylists of the Shabby Salon, at the top of their game, transform average Wellington hairstyles into wonderlands of colour and mayhem in an exuberant performance of pandemonium.
Saturday 1:00 pm – Booth House Shabby Salon
Sunday 1:00 pm – Booth House Shabby Salon