Captivating Māori Neo-Soul
Experience the exhilarating fusion of ancient taonga and urban sounds with MOHI, a dynamic 7-piece Māori Neosoul, Pop, Funk band. Prepare to be captivated as they take the stage, immersing you in a sonic journey like no other. With their infectious grooves, soulful vocals, and electrifying energy, MOHI effortlessly blends traditional Māori elements with contemporary urban music. His latest reo rua (bilingual) EP project will be on full display along with hits like Te Aroha Mauroa, Jasmine and Te Atarau, creating an exhilarating and soul-stirring show. Be prepared to dance, sing along, and connect with the powerful spirit of Māori arts and culture, as MOHI transports you to a world where tradition meets modernity in a breathtaking musical experience. Funded by Te Māngai Pāho.


Ngā Toi O Te Aro Stage