Shepherds Reign

Powerful Mana & Metal
Shepherds Reign has a unique and genre bending approach to creating music and indigenous lyrics. With their cultural roots in Samoa, Aotearoa and Asia, Shepherds Reign expertly blend the power of metal music with the mana of the Pacific. Shepherds Reign is taking the NZ metal scene by storm, winning at the Pacific Music Awards 2021 and 2022. Since releasing their latest album ‘Ala Mai’ in August 2023, Shepherds Reign have toured, debuted their live shows in Samoa, headlined a show at Le Manumea Hotel and played in the Teuila Festival. Being able to perform in Samoa was not only an extremely honouring and special moment for the band, but this also marked the first ever heavy metal band to perform in Samoa in history! Supported by Pacific Arts - Creative New Zealand.


Ngā Toi O Te Aro Stage