We’re working towards making CubaDupa a Zero Waste event and we need your help to make it happen. Here’s what we are up to.

Compostable Packaging
All participating street food stalls will be serving in compostable packaging. This means that there will be less waste to landfill and your food scraps, plates and cutlery will be able to be made into really good compost – which is good for the planet, your gardens and our community. Please put your waste in the correct bin at one of the clearly marked bin stations. We will have helpful volunteers at the bin stations to ensure you know what to put where.

Plastic Bag Free CubaDupa
All our retails stores at CubaDupa are plastic bag free and will only be serving in reusable bags. Bring your own reusable bag to put all your CubaDupa goodies in or buy one of our special CubaDupa tote bags from one of our kiosks.

Waste Stations
There will be around 25 bin stations located throughout the CubaDupa site. Each station will have 4 bins to put general waste, glass, plastics/cans and organics(including your compostable packaging) plus one of our amazing waste ambassadors to help make sure you’re putting the right waste in the right bin. All bin stations will be clearly marked with examples of the types of waste to go in what bin. If the waste ambassador is having a break, use your common sense to work out what’s what and help keep our waste streams uncontaminated.