Meet our Hosts of Beautiful Disruption

CubaDupa is fantastically renowned for blurring the lines between performer and audience. We invite you to be wild, be daring and reset your frequency to reveal your inner CubaDupa. Dress up, dress down, let your alter ego run amuck! Whatever you do, we want you to Join the beautiful disruption. Check out our hosts for inspiration and keep your eyes peeled for them at the festival.

The Purple People Eater

Meet the one eye’d, one horned, flying … well you know the rest. The Purple People Eater may sound spooky on paper but in CubaDupa they are the fabulously fun answer to what if Barney The Dinosaur fell into Professor X’s chemical vat. 

Kooky, creative, colourful and they are here to shine a light on the many wild and wonderful creatures that beam down from the minds of mad geniuses onto the coordinates of the Cuba precinct. 

Unleashing your inner creature is part of their ethos, not to mention looking kicka** and fabulous while doing it!  

The Show Pony

Mix, match, clash and colour. Reset your frequency to what you might think is fashion and turn it up to crazy with the Show Pony! 

This wild, party-loving Pony, takes what you call shabby and makes it chic. Anything goes and you can utilise everything in your whare to make yourself stand out during Wellington’s answer to Mardi Gras, The Sevens, and Halloween all rolled into one – don’t hold back!

No excuses, anything can be used to help you reveal your inner CubaDupa!

The Bombay Bombshell

Give into temptation and unleash your inner Cuba queen! The Bombay Bombshell is here to thrill, chill and fulfil your adventurous side and curiosity amongst the offerings on the Cuba drag.

With a tasteful touch of sin, a serving of camp and whole lot of colour. The Bombay Bombshell is here to entertain you and encourages you to let your inner diva out on the cobble pavement runway of Cuba Street and take centre stage as the precinct comes alive for two whole days.

The Colossal Spaceman 

The international’s borders might be closed, but no-one said anything about the intergalactic ones. We’ve received a transmission from the colossal space station that one of their best and brightest astronauts will be landing on the strange new world of Cuba Street during the Festival and is set to bring something truly out of this world to this year’s festivities! 

Meet the Colossal Space Man, an elusive entity that is both well travelled and extremely grounded.