Frequently Asked Questions

What weekend is CubaDupa?

March 28th & 29th 2020

Where is CubaDupa?

CubaDupa is held in the Cuba Precinct within the Wellington CBD.

Festival Times

Saturday March 28th – 12pm to 12pm, Sunday March 29th – 11am to 6pm

Do I need a ticket?

No, CubaDupa is a free public event, making the arts accessible to all. This is only possible due to the immense support and funding from our Festival Partners.

Is it family friendly?

Yes, CubaDupa prides itself on creating a family friendly event, geared at all ages and demographics.

Do I need ID?

If you’re 18+ and want to purchase alcohol from one of our licensed areas, yes. Refrain from using your passport as ID, crowds are large and things inevitably get lost.

When do the gates open?

Because CubaDupa is held within the city streets, the site is always open. CubaDupa officially begins at 12pm on Saturday 30th & 11am Sunday 31st.

What if it rains?

Whether there is sun, rain, hail, sideways wind or all of the above, CubaDupa will go ahead. Embrace it.

Can I bring alcohol?

No. The Cuba Precinct is a liquor ban zone, and regular rules apply. You can however purchase and consume alcohol at any of our designated outdoor licensed areas throughout the festival zone.

Can I bring food?

Absolutely. We’re also hosting the Moore Wilson’s Street Feast, stretching the length of the festival, bringing the best eateries in the precinct to the streets. In lower Cuba St, The Wellington Night Market will be set up throughout the whole weekend, with a wide selection of non-precinct vendors.


  1. Valid photo ID
  2. Money
  3. A good attitude
  4. Your dancing shoes
  5. Sun protection
  6. Your own reusable bag

Don’t Bring

  1. Alcohol
  2. Illegal substances 
  3. Plastic – single use, bags etc. We are on a mission to become a zero waste event.
  4. Explosives or weapons of any kind
  5. Glass of any kind

Info Kiosks

There will be information kiosks across the festival. Please refer to our site map available in early 2020. These will be hold our programmes, water, comms teams, merchandise…

Lost Property

There will be information kiosks across the festival. Please refer to our site map available in early 2020. These will be hold our programmes, water, comms teams, merchandise… There will be radio comms at these kiosks, so if you’re at the wrong one, you’ll be directed to your lost belongings. 

Lost Children

CubaDupa is family friendly festival, but please take care of your loved ones, the streets will be bustling. Info Kiosks will be a safe haven for lost children – Please refer to our site map, available in early 2020. There will be radio comms at these kiosks, so if you’re at the wrong one, you’ll be directed to your lost loved one. NOTE: Be sure to create a strategy with your children in case of them getting lost in a crowd – create your own meeting place that they’re familiar with, or show them the info kiosks on your way through the streets, as a safe space to meet you.

Does CubaDupa provide accessible entry and toilets?

Yes! Please refer to the festival map button on our Venues page.

Parking Restrictions

  1. Parking Restrictions will be in place from Midnight on Friday 27th March to 5am Monday 30th March within the Cuba precinct.
  2. If you have a permanent car park within the precinct and will be significantly affected by the restrictions we will work with you to relocate your park to the outskirts of the festival site. 
  3. Contact: [email protected]

Food Vendors

  1. If you are a business outside of the Cuba Precinct and you want to book a stall at the festival, get in touch with The Wellington Night Market
  2. If you are a business within the Cuba St Precinct, please use the sign-up form in our ‘Get Involved’ Section

Maps and Schedule

  1. These will be available via this website in the first weeks of March, under Timetable and Venues
  2. Printed programmes will be available throughout the festival on the weekend

Artist Submissions

  1. Submissions have now closed
  2. For artist involvement in 2021 please sign up to our newsletter and be the first to hear when EOI’s open in mid 2020

Road Closures

  1. Closures are in place from Saturday 28th March at 1am until Monday 30th March 3am. This includes: Cuba Street, Ghuznee Street, Marion Street, Abel Smith Street, Kelvin Grove, Leeds Street and Dixon Street. 
  2. NOTE: State Highway 1 runs through our site and will remain open throughout the festival, with a manned crossing.

Sustainability and Globelets

CubaDupa Super Cool Zero Waste Activation
We’re working towards making CubaDupa a Zero Waste event and we need your help to make it happen. Here’s what we are up to

1. Globelets – the reusable cup system.
We are excited to be introducing the Globelet reusable cup system into our outdoor licensed areas. When you buy your first drink at any of our participating bars you pay a $2 bond for you cup and you can keep using it throughout the event. You can use it again and again at the same bar or take your cup between participating bars, but only once you have finished your drink in the bar that you purchased your drink in. You can either take your cup home as a great CubaDupa souvenir or get a $1 refund when your return your cup to one of three CubaDupa Info kiosks (see the map). Please note, alcohol is not permitted to be consumed outside of the licensed areas.
True Fact: The Globelet will prevent 60,000 disposable cups going into Wellington’s landfill

2. Compostable Packaging
All participating street food stalls will be serving in compostable packaging. This means that there will be less waste to landfill and your food scraps, plates and cutlery will be able to be made into really good compost – which is good for the planet, your gardens and our community. Please put your waste in the correct bin at one of the clearly marked bin stations. We will have helpful volunteers at the bin stations to ensure you know what to put where.

3. Plastic Bag Free CubaDupa
All our retails stores at CubaDupa are plastic bag free and will only be serving in reusable bags. Bring your own reusable bag to put all your CubaDupa goodies in or buy one of our special CubaDupa tote bags from one of our kiosks.

4. Waste Stations
There will be around 25 bin stations located throughout the CubaDupa site. Each station will have 4 bins to put general waste, glass, plastics/cans and organics(including your compostable packaging) plus one of our amazing waste ambassadors to help make sure your putting the right waste in the right bin. All bin stations will be clearly marked with examples of the types of waste to go in what bin. If the waste ambassador is having a break, use your commonsense to work out what’s what and help keep our waste streams uncontaminated.


Merch will be available for purchase at any of our Info Kiosks, as well as from our online webstore.

Where can I park my bike?

Bike parking is available with special thanks, at Bicycle Junction – corner of Marion and Ghuznee.